Kaljon offers a wide variety DIY for all your basic balustrade needs. We cater for both home enthusiasts and industry professionals, offering top quality components and ease of installation. All our timber components are provided in a sanded only finish allowing you to finish your project any way you desire.

If you need extra grip when walking up or down the stairs, or simply want to add warmth to your steel or glass balustrade. It is always a good idea to add a timber handrail. Our wide variety of handrail profiles are designed to fit into any home and an extensive timber selection caters for both internal and external use.

Bottom rails are designed to secure the balusters together with the top rail creating a safety barrier that sits above the ground. Choose a matching rail bring your balustrade together.

Balusters are the uprights that sit between the top and bottom rail. Due to visibility of balustrades we have come up with balusters, both square and turned that add to the interior design of your home.

Newel posts are the supports that hold the whole balustrade together. Our posts are not only strong but designed to create a uniform aesthetic across the balustrade.

Like newel posts a feature post is made with a lot more detail and designed to be a stand out element. These are more commonly used as the first post at the bottom of the staircase or change in balustrade direction, but can be used throughout.

Handrail brackets are used against a wall instead of a full balustrade. Pick from our wide variety of brackets which will blend seamlessly into your homes interior.

Kaljon is a proud distributor of the Zipbolt product range. Zipbolt is the fastest growing assembly system in stair industry. Stair builders across the world are praising Our Award Winning Design and Patented gearing system as it makes light work of joints used stair building, Rails, Fittings, Posts and Angles are a breeze. No need to try harder just use it and discover why it is the fastest growing assembly tool in stair industry.

Zipbolt creates a number of useful tools to help make installation process as easy as possible. We offer hex drive tips for all the Zipbolt models aswell as deep sockets, drill guides, straight and side ratchet tools.


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